Korea vs japan

korea vs japan

It's one year after making the announcement that we're moving to Japan. Did we make the right decision? What's better for us: Korea or Japan?. The question you're asking is really broad and, often, subjective. So I'll try to make this as . Japan vs. South Korea - Which country do you prefer? Is North Korea more similar to Japan than South Korea? Which one of these countries ( Japan. Japan and Korea are two of the hottest travel destinations lately, and for good reasons. Despite being geographically close to each other, they. Japan had the feel of a much older city, and with that feeling, comes more individuality. Korea than I did before. I really appreciate this video you made about your experience about living in Korea and Japan. I can get medical services here for a fraction of what they would cost in America. Chris, the general idea you have about Koreans and Japanese are in some sense accurate. We have it so good here and I honestly have no complaints about the quality of my life in Korea. Hey Gina, thanks for the post! korea vs japan

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Korea vs. Japan: Which do you choose? The general stress level in Korean society seems high get into the best school, uni, company, look amazing, have a bigger car, house, salary than everyone else and unfortunatel that makes them loose interest in other people. I use my laptop in the classroom where I connect to a large HDMI screen and use media in the classroom. February 25, at 6: Japanese are super nice, but I wanted to see the real person underneath the rigid routine their society grooms into all people. Why broach the subject this way?

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It was too oily, greasy, and had too much pork. Seriously, god bless Korea. But after 6 years, I felt bored about my job. So, I quit, and I flushed those damn pills. Ive lived in some other places, but Alabama was a good move for me, and my family. I have lived in Japan for 4 years and found South Korea to be pretty similar. In Japanese there is a word for their politeness its called tatame. This may also come across as a bit of a controversial topic, but as an animal rights advocate, there are still some spaces for improvement with the Korean dog and cat meat industry. Nancy November 15, at What do you do for a living? Korea — Who Does it Better? It download casino slots really interesting post! If they want a girl like that, they may as well date a pretty Japanese girl who dyes her hair blonde and wears blue contacts. So I decided to leave. They started posting more heavy videos k-pop slave contracts, poor treatment of unwed mothers, suicide statistics. Wow, this is great. Related Posts Is Liking Japan a Crime in Korea? Elle May 24, at 6:

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